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Exceptional Necklaces to Celebrate the New Year

How do you choose the perfect necklace for you? While the type of gemstones and metal are important, so is the length of the necklace. A choker, for instance, flatters long necks, while draping pendants elongate a shorter neck. But the size that makes almost everyone shine is the “princess” length, which rests on your collarbone. We also love this length because it looks sensual and feminine, and is wearable with just about everything. Read More >

Stackable Series: Necklaces

We end our Stackable Series with necklaces. Where there were little rules for stacking your rings andbracelets, here, balance is a little more important. We suggest stacking a couple of delicate necklaces of the same size, balance one elaborate piece with two necklaces of different sizes, or mix and match delicate necklaces of all different sizes.