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David Webb Animal Jewelry to Celebrate Spring

We can’t get enough of David Webb, the “Quintessential American Jeweler” whose beautiful designs continue to be coveted by jewelry lovers. He was famous for designing “bold” jewelry in vibrant colors as well as animal jewelry like this lion enamel ring. Stop by our showroom to explore our David Webb pieces or tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll work with our network of purveyors and collectors to find it.
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David Webb for Your Beloved to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Do the unexpected this Valentine’s Day and treat your beloved to a gorgeous vintage piece, she’ll love forever. We adore this original David Webb enamel lion ring. Webb, also known as the “Quintessential American Jeweler” was famous (especially from the 1950s to the 1970s) in the fashion world and among serious lovers of jewels for his bold designs, rich colors and animal jewelry. His clients included Elizabeth Taylor and the Kennedy White House and his designs continue to be high fashion statement pieces today and are often featured in magazines like Vogue. Read More >

Vintage David Webb

The most glamorous women in the world, including Jacqueline Kennedy and jewelry lovers Elizabeth Taylor and the Duchess of Windsor adored the “Quintessential American Jeweler,” David Webb. He was a self-taught artist well known for designing bold jewelry in vibrant colors, including many animal-inspired pieces with precious metals, enamel and jewels. He died young, at the age of 50 in 1975. His beautiful and well-crafted designs continue to be coveted by collectors and people passionate about beautiful vintage and estate jewelry. Read More >

Bridal Jewelry Earrings

Wedding season is in full swing! We generally suggest wearing a necklace or a pair of earrings with a bridal gown because you’d want to avoid jewelry pulling on your dress. We love pearls for a wedding and vintage David Webb pearl earrings are a chic way to approach “something old” or “something borrowed.” Read More >

Turquoise for Summer

While turquoise, in modern times, is associated with the Southwest, it derives its name from the French word for “Turkey’s stone.” The Turks were the first to trade the mineral with Europe during the 1700s. But turquoise has been a powerful gem for centuries. Ancient Egyptians, who valued bright colorful jewelry, decorated burial masks and tombs with turquoise. Read More >

Inspired by Iconic and Vintage Jewelry Lovers: Amal Clooney

As one of the largest estate jewelry dealers in the United States, we’re passionate about carefully curating our period, antique and vintage pieces. We’re excited that more and more people appreciate the design and craftsmanship of these rare collectable jewels and we’re always on the lookout to highlight our fellow lovers of beautiful jewelry. Just recently, Amal Clooney appeared at the premier of Money Monster in Cannes wearing an Atelier Versace dress and the perfect coral earrings designed by Cartier. While we aren’t sure her earrings are vintage, last month we mentioned a New York Times story about the increase of interest and popularity of vintage pieces as well as coral, like this vintage ring designed by David Webb, and we loved Amal’s choice of coral earrings. Read More >

Sell Your Jewelry

Antique and vintage jewelry is a valuable asset. From heirloom pieces to engagement rings, we buy your jewelry that no longer matches your style. Above all, our process is easy, personalized and private. Stop by our showroom in Highland Park Village (our entrance is between Chanel and Starbucks on the third floor) or contact us to schedule an appointment to sell your jewelry.  Cabochon ruby earrings with emerald and diamond accents designed by David Webb.  Read More >

Pearls and Preppy Stripes

Pearls will never go out of style and what better way to make them shine but to pair them with a modern preppy striped jumpsuit like the one pictured here by Ralph Lauren and available at Neiman Marcus. Read More >

Timeless Estate Pieces for the New Year

While jewelry is emotional and personal, it’s also a way of expressing creativity and individuality. We see that especially with our estate jewelry collection. Collectors and lovers of jewelry are attracted by the history, the quality of the craftsmanship and the beauty of vintage and antique pieces.

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Explore A David Webb Estate Statement Ring

This stunning David Webb Star sapphire, diamond and enamel ring was designed in the 1970s, and is signed “Webb.” From the 50s to the 70s, Webb’s creations captured the hearts of beautiful and powerful women like Ava Gardner, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Princess Grace of Monaco. What we love about David Webb’s designs, and estate jewelry in general, is that pieces that were created in the 70s, like this bold statement ring, are now a fresh way to update your look.

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