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Art Deco Inspired Diamond and Onyx Statement Ring

Complement your black or white summer looks with a standout Art Deco inspired diamond and onyx ring. The use of onyx goes back to biblical times and derives its name from the Greek word “onux” which means “fingernail.” Ancient Egypt used onyx to make bowls, the Romans carved cameos with it and, during the Victorian era, onyx was worn when Queen Victoria mourned her husband Prince Albert. Onyx was also a very popular stone during the very creative Art Deco era.
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Art Deco Inspired

The Art Deco era is considered the most creative of all design eras. The movement originated in Paris in the 1920s but its influence on jewelry and fashion design continues to this day. Art Deco jewelry pieces are usually symmetrical and embellished with intricate designs in platinum with enamel, pavé diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds or other precious stones. Original Art Deco pieces are collector’s items. Specifically original pieces by Cartier, famous for its Art Deco designs fetch strong results at auctions. Read More >

Spring 2017 Jewelry Preview: Statement Earrings

Statement earrings have increased in size over the years and they looked even bigger and more over the top on the spring 2017 runways than ever before. For some the trend can be difficult to translate. That’s why we love these bold but wearable Art Deco inspired ruby and onyx earrings. Read More >

Best Oscars Jewelry Moment of the 1950s

This Art Deco diamond bracelet is inspired by our favorite Oscar jewelry moment of the 1950s; Icon Marilyn Monroe attended the 1951 Oscars as a presenter and complemented her black tulle dress with the perfect Art Deco diamond bracelet. Read More >

Vintage Christmas

For the vintage lover on your list, explore our estate, vintage and antique jewelry collection.
Merry: Art Deco sapphire and diamond clips
Bright: Sold by Neiman Marcus in the 60s. Rubellite and diamond ring in 18 karat gold. Read More >

Fall favorites: Bold earrings

Bold earrings have become increasingly popular and were all over the fall 2016 and spring 2017 runways. If you’re in search of a solid statement piece, bold earrings are a great investment.
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Summer of Love Vintage Engagement Ring

While an engagement ring represents true and eternal love, it also is a reflection of a woman’s personal style. If she is drawn to antiques and one-of-a-kind jewelry, she may love a vintage engagement ring. Read More >

The Art Deco Era Never Ended

While the Art Deco era officially ended in 1930, it has had so many come-backs, did it ever go away? Jewelry designers continue to be inspired by the Art Deco era because it was rich in creativity and art, and it exuded luxury and glamour. Couple that with craftsmanship and high quality gemstones and it is the definition of the perfect luxurious piece of jewelry. When you’re looking for a piece that will never go out of style, a piece of jewelry from, or influenced by, the Art Deco era is a great investment. Read More >