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Best Oscars Jewelry from the 1990s

Who can forget the fictional blue diamond “The Heart of the Ocean” featured in the movie ‘Titanic?’ Gloria Stuart, nominated for best supporting actress, wore a real 15 carat blue diamond by Harry Winston to the Oscars. This piece, valued at $20 million, is also the most expensive Oscars jewelry of all time. Read More >

Best Oscars Jewelry Moment of the 1980s

A diamond bow brooch, inspired by our favorite Oscars jewelry moment of the 1980s: In 1985, the effervescent Sally Field celebrated her Best Actress win for “Places in the Heart” wearing a black strapless dress designed by Holly Harp with a
darling-bow diamond necklace. Read More >

Best Oscars Jewelry Moment of the 1960s

Elizabeth Taylor loved magnificent jewelry. She even wrote a book called “My Love Affair with Jewelry” and her jewelry collection was auctioned for more than $150,000,000. Her appearances at the Oscars through the years were highlighted by her choice of jewelry. In 1967, she celebrated her Best Actress win for ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,’ wearing her famous suite of emerald and diamond necklace, pendant, earrings and bracelet designed by Bulgari. Read More >

Best Oscars Jewelry Moment of the 1950s

This Art Deco diamond bracelet is inspired by our favorite Oscar jewelry moment of the 1950s; Icon Marilyn Monroe attended the 1951 Oscars as a presenter and complemented her black tulle dress with the perfect Art Deco diamond bracelet. Read More >

Best Oscars Jewelry Moment of the 1940s

The Oscars are around the corner. Apart from recognizing excellence in cinematic achievements, the Academy Awards is also one of the most important fashion events of the year. Every year the red carpet sparkles with beautiful gowns and magnificent jewelry. To showcase our favorite Oscars jewelry moments of all time, we took a trip down memory lane. We start with this emerald cut aquamarine pendant, which is inspired by our favorite Oscars jewelry moment of the 1940s when Vivian Leigh wore a similar looking pendant when she celebrated her Best Actress Oscar win for ‘Gone with the Wind.’ Read More >

The Perfect Love Story

Wedding season is around the corner. Visit our showroom to explore our wedding band collection, which ranges from sparkling diamond rings to simple bands in all different metals and designs. Let us help you find the perfect complement to your engagement ring and a timeless band to suit his style to express your true love and commitment for your lives ahead. Read More >

David Webb for Your Beloved to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Do the unexpected this Valentine’s Day and treat your beloved to a gorgeous vintage piece, she’ll love forever. We adore this original David Webb enamel lion ring. Webb, also known as the “Quintessential American Jeweler” was famous (especially from the 1950s to the 1970s) in the fashion world and among serious lovers of jewels for his bold designs, rich colors and animal jewelry. His clients included Elizabeth Taylor and the Kennedy White House and his designs continue to be high fashion statement pieces today and are often featured in magazines like Vogue. Read More >