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Cornflower blue Sapphire

The sapphire derives its name from the Greek word “Sappheiros,” which means blue stone. While sapphires come in a variety of different colors, it is traditional associated with the color blue. A sapphire engagement ring is a beautiful choice – since it’s the second hardest stone on the Mohs scale – or for everyday wear. The closer the color is to true blue, or what jewelers call “cornflower” blue, the more valuable the sapphire. Read More >

Jewelry Travel Tips

For peace of mind and a lovely summer vacation, here are several jewelry travel tips. The jewelry pictured is a pink pear shaped diamond.

1. Think ahead about what you need, from formal pieces to casual everyday wear and essentials.
2. Secure the jewelry you are not bringing in a safe.
3. Update your jewelry list or take pictures of all your jewelry so that you can check them off when you return.
4. Insure your jewelry.
5. Wear the jewelry you’re traveling with or store them in a carry-on; never check your jewelry.
6. Once you arrive at your destination secure your jewelry in a safe.
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Crazy for Katy Briscoe’s gold spirals available for purchase online

One of our favorite designers is Houston-based jewelry designer Katy Briscoe. She began her career in jewelry while attending Texas Christian University and working in a local jewelry store in Fort Worth. She then spread her wings with jobs at Fred Joaillier Paris and one of our other favorite designers, David Webb. While working at David Webb she decided to branch out on her own, moving back to Texas and starting her own full service jewelry company. We carry many of her gorgeous pieces, and some are also available for purchase online at our website Do explore her website as well to discover her beautiful “nature collection” of lamps and home décor pieces that will take your breath away, at Read More >

Summer Bride Jewelry

Visit our showroom or website to explore our bridal jewelry that range from the delicate to the bold and everything in between, to complement you and your wedding gown. Read More >

Ruby, July’s Birthstone

July’s birthstone the ruby derives its name from the Latin word “rubeus,” which means red. It’s a sturdy gem and the second hardest stone on the Mohs scale (after the diamond) making it an excellent choice for an engagement ring or everyday wear. Ruby symbolizes passion, love and romance. We love these ruby statement earrings with an exotic lavender jade twist to celebrate July! Read More >