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Fall Pieces we love: Brooch

We think the brooch is a lovely way to add the perfect amount of sparkle to your look. We especially love vintage brooches with a touch of mystery and history. As estate dealers, we always love the story behind the jewelry but sometimes it isn’t clear. Take, for instance, this gorgeous brooch that isn’t signed. We could speculate that this piece was designed around during WWI and WWII. During war time some jewelry owners scratch out the signature to protect their assets. While to the naked eye this pieces looks like a vintage Cartier brooch with the stamp removed, it’s also possible that it is a very well designed reproduction. This is why you should always run a collector’s item by a gemologist, or someone who is an expert in antique and vintage jewelry. A couple of months ago, Bill Noble did an interview with National Jeweler to provide tips to navigating the antique and estate jewelry market. You can read it here to learn how to make good decisions when buying an estate of period piece.


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