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Essential Graduation Gifts for Him

Graduation season is in full swing. To celebrate this memorable moment for high school and college seniors, here are three stylish gifts to celebrate his rite of passage. Click here for essential graduation gifts for her.

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April Birthstone Series: The Pink Diamond

We’re closing out our April diamond birthstone series with the magnificent pink diamond. This past month you’ve learned that the chemical element boron is responsible for blue diamonds, the chemical element nitrogen is responsible for yellow diamonds, and radiation is responsible for green diamonds. But where does the color pink come from? Well, it’s still not completely understood. It’s not caused by any chemical element from the periodic table, but research points to graining or tiny abrasions inside the diamond that makes this diamond pink, and so desirable.

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How to clean your jewelry

At William Noble, we understand the importance of jewelry preservation. We see and work with estate, vintage and antique jewelry every day.  Our collection spans all eras, from Georgian to Retro and everything in between.

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Birthstones and Anniversaries


January: Garnet

February:  Amethyst

March:  Aquamarine or Bloodstone

April:  Diamond

May:  Emerald

June:  Pearl, Moonstone or Alexandrite

July:  Ruby

August:  Peridot

September:  Sapphire

October:  Opal or Tourmaline

November: Topaz or Citrine

December: Turquoise, Zircon or Tanzanite


Anniversary Gemstones:

1st Anniversary Gold Jewelry
2nd Anniversary Garnet
3rd Anniversary Cultured or Natural Pearls
4th Anniversary Blue Topaz
5th Anniversary Sapphire
6th Anniversary Amethyst
7th Anniversary Onyx
8th Anniversary Tourmaline
9th Anniversary Lapis Lazuli
10th Anniversary Diamond Jewelry
11th Anniversary Turquoise
12th Anniversary Jade
13th Anniversary Citrine
14th Anniversary Opal
15th Anniversary Ruby
16th Anniversary Peridot
17th Anniversary Watches
18th Anniversary Cat’s Eye
19th Anniversary Aquamarine
20th Anniversary Emerald
21st Anniversary Iolite
22nd Anniversary Spinel
23rd Anniversary Imperial Topaz
24th Anniversary Tanzanite
25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee
30th Anniversary Cultured/Natural Pearl Jubilee
35th Anniversary Emerald
40th Anniversary Ruby
45th Anniversary Sapphire
50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee
55th Anniversary Alexandrite
60th Anniversary Diamond

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