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Inspired By Vintage Oscar Jewelry: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor adored jewelry and it’s hard to forget the Bulgari emerald necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet she wore celebrating her Oscar in 1967, when she won Best Actress for “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf.” The Bulgari set also included an emerald pendant brooch (which she wore attached to the necklace) and a flower brooch. She received the magnificent pieces from Richard Burton on their trips to Rome between 1962 and 1967. Burton famously said: “The only word Elizabeth knows in Italian is Bulgari.” After Elizabeth Taylor’s death, the entire Bulgari set was auctioned off by Christie’s and fetched $24,799,000. Read More >

Dreaming of Spring with Splendid and Lively Emeralds

Green is the color of spring and nature. And while we’re in the midst of winter some of us are already dreaming of the sparkling sunshine and warmer weather. So it’s no wonder that we adore emeralds at the moment. Did you know that the greener the emerald, the higher the value, even if there are some imperfections called “inclusions” in the gemstone? These inclusions are often referred to as “mossy” or the emerald’s “jardin.” We’re not the only ones that think emeralds are reminiscent of a green garden. Read More >

Explore our Estate Jewelry

Our estate jewelry includes some of the most beautiful pieces of the past century. We carefully curate our period, vintage and antique pieces based on beauty, importance, timelessness, rarity and value. Read More >


Hope and healing. Babylonians coveted and dedicated this gemstone to Venus, while Egyptians believed emeralds to be the symbol of immortality. Emeralds are the birthstone of May.  Emeralds belong to the family of minerals called Beryl.

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October’s birthstone is Opal.  Opal was a symbol of hope, fidelity and purity for the ancient Romans because it holds colors of all the other gemstones.

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