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Love Takes All Shapes

Our engagement ring collection ranges from emerald to pear shapes and everything in between. Explore all cuts and shapes or commission us to design a custom-made piece. Read More >

Love is in the air

Wedding season is around the corner and love is in the air. Swing by our showroom to explore our engagement ring collection and enjoy our moving sale 30-60% off all jewelry, including our engagement rings collection. Read More >

Famous Emerald Engagement Rings

In the spirit of May’s birthstone, the emerald, we’re celebrating with famous emerald engagement rings. Like the Van Cleef & Arpels 2.84 carat emerald and diamond ring President John F. Kennedy proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier with. Or the stunning and historic 19.77 carat emerald engagement ring designed by Cartier that King Edward VIII bought to propose to Wallis Simpson. Emerald engagement rings are rare; diamonds, sapphires and rubies are harder on the Mohs scale and more appropriate stones for every day wear. Still, an emerald engagement ring can be magnificent. Read More >

Wedding Band or Engagement Ring

Shine with a rare and beautiful baguette cut diamond eternity band perfect for an engagement ring or wedding band. Marilyn Monroe received a ring just like it from Joe DiMaggio which fetched $772,500 at Christie’s “The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe” auction in 1999.

Visit our showroom to explore our engagement ring and wedding band collection on sale for 30-60% off. Read More >

The Origin of the Diamond Engagement Ring

While the engagement ring has been around for centuries, the diamond engagement ring is relatively new. Many historians point to Archduke Maximilian of Austria as the first person who gave his future wife, Mary of Burgundy, a diamond engagement ring in 1477. Diamonds were extremely rare during that time and only became more accessible in the late 19th century after miners discovered diamonds in South Africa. In 1888, the De Beers Consolidated Mines, LTD was established to control the flow and therefore also the value of those diamonds. The diamond became THE choice for an engagement ring after the De Beers marketing campaign linked diamonds with romance, which was further solidified by its famous slogan “A Diamond is Forever.” Read More >

In honor of Jacqueline Kennedy

The world continues its fascination with Jacqueline Kennedy. From Natalie Portman’s riveting Oscar nominated performance in Jackie to the recovered love letters written by Jacqueline Kennedy to David Ormbsy Gore that are going up for auction at the end of this month, the mystery surrounding her continues to capture our attention. We love her fashion sense and style as well as her taste in jewelry, like this Van Cleef and Arpels emerald and diamond engagement ring she received from President John F. Kennedy. Read More >

In Celebration of “Diana: Her Fashion Story” Exhibition at Kensington

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Diana’s tragic death. One of the many ways that she’s being commemorated is with a dress exhibition entitled ‘Diana: Her Fashion Story’ at Kensington Palace in London, which opened on February 24th. While Princess Diana is well-known for her glamorous fashion sense and style, she also had an exceptional taste in jewelry. Her famous pieces ranged from diamond crowns to a chic emerald choker. Her most well-known piece of jewelry was her sapphire engagement ring, set with a 12-carat oval blue sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds which Prince William used to propose to Kate Middleton. Read More >

The Perfect Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring

The round brilliant diamond ring is the most popular shape for engagement rings. Its elegant design suits modern and traditional tastes alike. It feels like the original to some and that rings true. Tiffany & Co. has been credited for designing the en-gagement ring as we know it today. In the late 1800s, Charles Lewis Tiffany, wanting to shine a light on the beauty and the quality of his diamonds, decided to elevate a round brilliant diamond above the band. The result was a raised diamond set with 6 metal prongs, which allowed for maximum light to shine in and out of the stone so that the diamond appeared bigger and sparkled more. This design became popular for it’s simple clean lines and was a clear departure of jewelry influenced by the Victorian Era with its lower settings and intricate embellishments. Read More >