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Graduation Gifts

Visit our showroom to explore gifts to make this graduation extra special, with diamond studs or a bracelet. This 18 karat yellow gold and diamond bangle bracelet is open ended with 0.24 carats total weight of round brilliant cut diamonds. The bangle has flex, making it very comfortable for everyday wear and is one size fits most.
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April Birthstone, the Origin of the Diamond

The word diamond comes from the Latin word “adamas,” which means unbreakable. The diamond is the world’s hardest jewel and can be worn every day, which is why it’s such a suitable stone for an engagement ring. Diamonds are also very old. They’re made of carbon and were formed under high heat and high pressure deep inside of the earth about 1-3 billion years ago. Diamonds surfaced through volcanic eruptions where they cooled to form the diamond structure. Diamonds also appear in different colors due to impurities and are called Fancy Colored diamonds. Blue diamonds contain boron, yellow and orange diamonds have nitrogen, green diamonds are exposed to radiation, brown diamonds have lattice defects, pink and red diamonds have lattice distortion and black diamonds have many inclusions. Read More >

Spring 2017 Jewelry Preview: Choker

While long and over-sized pendants graced the Givenchy, Chanel, Etro and Prada Spring 2017 runways, fans of the choker can continue to wear this 90s favorite; a minimalist version of the choker was spotted on the Celine, Christian Dior and Versace runways. Read More >