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Designer Spotlight: Michael Barin

Reminiscent of our Summer Fruit Series, we’re highlighting jewelry designed by Michael Barin today. Michael Barin’s creations make frequent appearances on the red carpet and his CelebrateCouture andOrganic lines are inspired by Egyptian pharaohs, and the kings and queens who reigned during the renaissance. Michael Barin only uses the finest precious stones, platinum and 22-karat gold. We love that his magnificent pieces are both modern and timeless.

Vintage Highlight: The Verdura Ring

Add this stand out from the crowd Verdura ring to your Vintage wish list. Verdura is known for crafting extraordinary iconic fashion pieces. The company was founded by Fulco di Verdura, a Sicilian duke who started out as Coco Chanel’s jewelry designer. He then moved to the United States where he designed colorful treasures and created a robust following among Hollywood greats, including Greta Garbo and later, among New York’s fashion elite.

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Designer Spotlight: David Webb

David Webb is known as one of America’s most important jewelers.  Born in Asheville, North Carolina, David Webb began his jewelry career at a very young age as he was born into a family of jewelers.  He apprenticed under his uncle until he decided to pursue his career in New York.  At the age of 16 he arrived in New York City and had immediate success as his work drew attention from many department stores including Bergdorf Goodman.

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Designer Spotlight: Katy Briscoe

Katy Briscoe began her career in jewelry while attending Texas Christian University (Go Frogs!) where she received her degree in Fine Arts.  Katy worked for a small, local jewelry store in Ft. Worth during college and continued in the jewelry industry after graduation.  She worked for small independent jewelers and more internationally recognized outfits such as Fred Joaillier Paris and David Webb.  While at David Webb, Katy decided she wanted to create her own line of jewelry and started making jewelry from home.

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Designer Spotlight: William Ruser

William Ruser was an American born jeweler best known for his figural jewelry from the 1950’s and 60’s.  After serving in World War II, Ruser and his wife moved to Los Angeles and soon opened a boutique on Rodeo Drive.  His most well-known pieces featured freshwater and baroque pearls which he had purchased in the 1930’s.  He created many animal pieces including swans, hummingbirds, poodles as well as demonic looking cherubs.  Ruser was well known throughout the Hollywood.  Many stars wore his jewelry on screen and off.  One of his most famous customers was Elizabeth Taylor whose jewelry collection was auctioned by Christie’s in 2012; several of Ruser’s pieces were among the record-setting pieces sold.

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