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Tourmaline, October’s Birthstone

The red tourmaline, October’s birthstone, is also known as the rubellite. We love this stone because it ranges from light pink to deep red and is perfect for fall. We specifically love this vintage rubellite and diamond ring set in 18 karat gold and sold by Neiman Marcus in the 1960s.

Second Anniversary of August Birthstone Spinel

We’re celebrating the second anniversary of August’s birthstone spinel. We love this “newcomer” for its rarity, color and hardness. For centuries, the spinel was considered ruby’s double, now it stands out on its own and is coveted by lovers of jewelry and serious collectors.
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August Birthstone the Peridot

August’s birthstone is the peridot, which is an olivine mineral made from magnesium iron silicate. The stone is created in magma and brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions. Peridots have special meaning in Hawaii and are considered the tears of tempestuous pele, the goddess of the volcano. There’s even a green beach with sand made off peridot particles. Read More >

Ruby Red for Summer

Looking for a non-traditional but classic engagement ring? Explore the ruby, July’s birthstone. The ruby stands for love, passion and romance. It’s also suitable for everyday wear and adds gorgeous color to her hand. Read More >

Ruby, July’s Birthstone

July’s birthstone the ruby derives its name from the Latin word “rubeus,” which means red. It’s a sturdy gem and the second hardest stone on the Mohs scale (after the diamond) making it an excellent choice for an engagement ring or everyday wear. Ruby symbolizes passion, love and romance. We love these ruby statement earrings with an exotic lavender jade twist to celebrate July! Read More >

June Birthstone, the Alexandrite

Alexandrite is the third birthstone (alongside the moonstone and the pearl) celebrated in June. The Alexandrite was named after Russian Tsar Alexander II because it was discovered in Russia on his birthday. Alexandrite is rare and special for its dramatic change in color. The stone appears greenish at daylight and reddish under candlelight. Read More >

June’s Birthstone, the Moonstone

Moonstone is famous for its shimmering shine, a result of light entering the stone’s structure and bouncing between the bluish white spots inside the structure of the stone. We love these moonstone, diamond and sapphire earrings with more than 60 carats of moonstone, 5 carats of diamond earrings and 1.5 carats of blue sapphires. Read More >